I Saw the Needs of the World

Stepping out of My Comfort Zone - Katy L.

I’m Katy, and was born in a typical North American family. I am an only child, and I’m used to have everything done for me. Therefore I was very shy and not comfortable in expressing myself. However, through volunteering, I can finally step out of my comfort zone. 
My First Trip
I remember the first time I went to Suva, Fiji visiting the Indian settlement, I saw many people my age, and some younger or older, but all living in conditions that were so different from mine. I realized not only do they need support in their living conditions, but they need people to care for them. They need love, joy and peace.
From Shy to Try
During the trip, my change in my value system was the most critical, but my change in lifestyle was what impressed my family and friends most. In the trip I helped with house chores, and I swept the floor for the very first time. I helped in preparing for my team members’ meals, and took initiative to approach others and express what was in my heart. 
Living With Four More
In 2011, I travelled to Cape Town, South Africa with four other close friends; we volunteered to support a few humanitarian projects via Light and Love Home. As previously mentioned, I’ve always been an only child, so living closely with four other people was truly a special experience for me. Through their reminders, I felt I got to know myself better, my strengths and weaknesses. And through their encouragement, I feel I’ve grown to be more considerate and mature. 
Gain Through Volunteering
Even though I am still the same person, I have changed through these few years to become the person I am today. I never thought I can have such profound gains through sharing to others.
Katy L., Faculty of Health Science, SFU
- Vancouver, B.C., CanadaLearn More
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